I am fantastic

Back in the Toke again, I am back at the decluttering again, clearing space in our craft/prayer/guest room because I want to have more room for Little Miss O and I to do art together.

As I have been doing this, I have been thinking about all sorts of things to do with parenting and minimalism and oh...everything, while Little Misss O has been next to me, lsitening to opera and using stamps, stickers and pencils to make her little works of art.

The first thing that came to me was how recently, I had been teaching her to rely too much on material rewards. She has been doing really well on the toilet training and sleeping in her own bed all night as well as eating really well – stuff like cucumber and lettuce, foods in a colour range that she really wasn't going for for a while there – and really needs to, coming from a non-meat eating family. However I have been rewarding that behaviour the wrong way – through treats and items such as Hello Kitty lunch boxes and so on. Sure – I wasn't stuffing her so full of chocolate that she couldn't move or taking her to the toy store with a credit card or anything, but I just felt that I wasn't helping her in any way to become a less consumerist or more minimalist person.

So – I decided to change. We had used charts and stickers before with varying success, but now I am really going to work on this. The last one worked pretty well and she loved getting the stickers and stamps, but again, I was offering toys as rewards. No longer. She has a real thing for stickers at the moment, so tonight, I made her another chart entitled; Little Miss O's “I am fantastic” chart.

I chose to call it the “I am fantastic” chart because I want to instil in her the idea that she is great herself rather than her seeking or needing approbation or approval from others (which of course, we will give her, but we will also encourage her to think about how proud she is of herself too).

The plan is that every time that she does something great, she will be able to stick a sticker on her chart. After about two dozen stickers, she will be able to choose a non-material treat such as a picnic, a trip to the zoo or the aquarium, which hopefully will help us to move away from a “stuff-based” mentality, spend more quality time together and have lots of fun in the process.


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