Simple ways to spoil yourself on your birthday

I am a bit birthday obsessed recently seeing as I may be having one soon/may be having one RIGHT now or may have just had one.  Being a little low on the cashola front, I decided that it would be a good idea to write a post on how to spoil yourself on your birthday without spending tons of money (or spoil someone else, if you like).  The costs do not include the energy consumed.

1) Go to bed the night before wearing a pretty nightie or your fave pjs or NUUUUUUDE.  Wake up feeling special and fancy.  This is a nightie I picked up as unworn with tags vintage in Brighton a loooong time ago.  It has a fab robe to match and is very much Carol Brady or Sam from Bewitched. Cost = nothing - well - the original purchase price, but that works out to about two pounds a year, so negligible, really by now.

2) Wash your sheets the night before.  No better feeling than freshly washed sheets to snuggle down into. (No, I do not iron my sheets.  Sorry Mama S) Cost = negligible. 

3) Make one of your fave breakfasts.  Yes - someone else should be making the breakfast, but Mr O is at work and Little Miss O hasn't mastered the fry pan yet.  I went for French toast, my fave decadent breakfast at the moment. Cost = approx 150yen for the food.

4) Save up any birthday mail that has come through the post and sit down with a lovely cup of coffee or  tea and open them slowly and mindfully.  Thanks to all those who sent me cards and parcels - I LOVE snail mail. Cost = free!!!  OK - the coffee - let's say 50 yen max.  And if you are doing it for someone else, make a card and send it.  Getting actual physical snail mail on your birthday is just fantastic.

5) Do some yoga or your favourite type of exercise.  Guaranteed to make you feel good. (Note to self - stop using DVD covers as coasters....)  This cost about 1200 yen to begin with, but I have had it for two years, so that is 600 yen a year so far, divided by ...well...a lot of days.  Negligible.

6) Skype some mates or family.  It's fun to have people sing you happy birthday.  Free!

7) Treat yourself to a bit of something that you like at lunch...a cheeky beer for example. Cost = 575 yen - woah - blowout!

8) Obtain some flowers.  Whether you pick them from your garden, buy them for yourself or someone sends you an exotic delivery, it doesn't really matter.  Little Miss O chose these at the supermarket. Cost = 298 yen

9) Blow out some candles and make a wish.  Mr Donut had a special on today.  Cost = 100 yen.

Total = $13.50.  Not bad to make yourself or someone else feel special.  And of course, you don't have to do all of these things.  Even one or two will make someone's day.


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