Organic food delivery review: Doorstep Organics

I'm always tempted to do my organic shopping online.  In Japan, I was a huge fan of, and am just getting back into them now as they stock beauty products I use that are not available here.  I also tried out some different veggie box delivery services in Japan, to varying success.

And now, here I am, giving some in Sydney a whirl.  Why?  The first is I suppose I would like to support small businesses, well, smaller than Woolies, that's for sure.  The second is, I am lazy and the time taken to go to the mall and get things done seems disproportionate to what is achieved....and the mall depresses me.  The third is that theory, it should be easier to get what I would like all in the one spot.  And the fourth is the convenience.

Some of these criteria haven't really been met, but hey.  

I've tried Doorstep Organics twice and I have mixed feelings about them.  The website is nice and easy to navigate, but on both occasions things that I wanted to get were out of stock.  Delivery turn around is great - the other day I ordered some things, and they came the next day.  Of course, this was a lucky coincidence, but some other websites I have looked at have much more limited delivery schedules.  As I am not organised, it's good to have a service that delivers more frequently.  Although, I guess that's not so environmentally sound.

They had a fairly good range and some of my fave brands - like the sometimes hard to find Jack'n'Jill kids' toothpaste.  Prices are a tiny bit higher than Woolies overall, I found - obviously not the same brand, but an equivalent product.  Ingredients were mostly listed, but unfortunately, allergen warnings not so much - some millet I got had a big sticker on the back warning against traces of nuts...not so helpful when you have an allergic child...and you have already bought the product.  

The first time I got a large veggie box and a fruit box (the fruit box was free with a promo code I picked up at the Eco Expo). There was a pretty good selection in the veg box.  However...of course, my usual problem arose - you'd think I would learn - fitting them all in the fridge and using them all up! Haha.  Still - I managed, but I did find that the level of freshness was not great on some products, with them beginning to turn/going bad only after two or three days. Some tasted delicious though - my cousin raved about the avocado.

The stuff comes in big reusable cardboard boxes, but these are unfortunately lined with plastic bags and a lot of the stuff was packaged in thin veggie bags.  I realise for transportation this might be necessary, but I am not so keen to bring more plastic into the world.  

So - you know - my experience was OK, so far.  However, I found the after sales service to be really poor.  Both times, I have emailed after my order with queries - one about collection of boxes and one about a product that I ordered and paid for but was not in the box.  As a customer, I really don't want to be chasing around after companies..and it kind of defies the timesaving and convenience factors.  I just want smoooooooth transactions.

In summary - meh.  I wouldn't ban their company from ever darkening my door again provided my product issue gets cleared up soon, but I won't be using them as my regular delivery dudes.  

N.B.  This is my own opinion.  No-one has asked me to write this, paid me, given me any treats or anything.


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