Curating a gallery

Mwahaha - I get to sound like a wanker and use the word "curate." I finally saved up enough to get some gallery-style picture railing in my room and on one wall in Little Miss O's room, and I am very excited about it (and no, they did not sponsor this post or give me stuff to write about it or anything.  I purchased it out of my own free will with my own cash money).

This is what I have created so far;

So my tips for setting up a gallery are:

1) I had originally planned to go for all the same black frames, but once I started putting up my stuff, I realised that the mix looks really good.  And I remembered my maxim - "Matching is for arseholes." Therefore, don't be concerned if it all does not match.  Since this pic was taken, I have added more frames of different colours and materials.  Still looks good.

2) I put the mirror in as the room is quite dark, and I wanted to start reflecting light around, so I think mirrors are going to be a bit of a feature.  A friend of mine had a dark hallway and she filled it with mirrors of all different kinds - it was great.

3) The tapestry and the shadow box add texture and a more three-dimensional feel to mix it up a bit. Try to combine different media so it's not all flat and same-same.

4) Don't be afraid of colour.  I am of the "more colour, the better" school.

5) You don't have to invest in expensive pieces.  There's a lot of opshop finds in there as well as some art by my daughter, travel mementos and stuff from art exhibitions.  And this is JUST the beginning.  I've got three walls...oh frabjous day! I've been seeing a lot of good stuff at auctions of late.

I am loving my latest acquisition which I got yesterday from Vinnies for two dollars.  I LOVE its very strange "world's most boring postcard" vibe.  Who on earth would actually seriously put that on their wall?  I wish I knew.  I think it's so marvellous.


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