Melbourne: The travel outfits

Little Miss O and I, well mostly Little Miss O, got a bee in her bonnet about taking a sleeper train to Melbourne after we saw them whilst travelling to a cousin's wedding last year.  We finally got around to going there these school holidays.  Fantastic - look out for a summary of our faves and what we packed coming next.

We took a little weekender bag between us as well as a day pack each in an attempt to keep luggage to a minimum.  Sydney had just had some icy weather and Melbourne was set to be cold too, so we needed to be rugged up.  We wore the core parts of our wardrobes on the train:

Little Miss O: Winter jacket, scarf, cardi, thermal singlet, long-sleeved t, cord pants, tights, cosy boots and cute beanie (Undies and gloves not pictured).

Me: Winter coat, thermal, sweatshirt, scarf, beanie, belt, boots, skinny jeans. (Undies and socks not pictured).

For winter travel, I recommend wearing as many of the main bulky items such as coats and boots on the plane/train/bus - especially if you have luggage restrictions with which to contend.


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