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Am shattered.  Did a 10km or so walk today which is not that massive, but am knackered all the same.  We went up to North Head, which is beautiful and the cafe at the old Quarantine Station did an excellent coffee. So good, I had two.  Stopped at the library and picked up this:

It wasn't my intention - I was actually looking for the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but anyway! I have heard of the KonMari method, but I hadn't read the first book.  t had a quick flick through it while I was waiting for Little Miss O to come out of school - it strikes me as a little odd, but I shall have a proper read of it tonight and see what I think.  Tomorrow might be a bit of a packing party day, I feel.  Or maybe a sparking joy day, who knows?

As I spent today walking, this was what I wore (but I forgot to take a pic of my trainers!): Sports bra, undies and socks, cap, skull earrings, fave two rings, black sports leggings, yellow top and sleeveless hoodie.  And trainers! I have found that I really only need a couple of actual "sports" outfits.  At home, I can get away with an old pair of leggings and a t-shirt for running and yoga and Jillian Michaels work outs.  What is really essential is a decent sports bra to keep the girls comfy.



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