Wardrobe clear out

So, you know - minimalism slipped away from me again....and I have been having a bit of a crazy spending period where I just seem to be buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff.  The budget can't take it, neither can the little house and neither can I!  So - it's time to rein in and clear out and also - not refill.  That's the key issue here, I think.  Sigh.  We are all flawed, but at least we try, hey?

Am being super organised and trying to write down everything we use every day, which is a bit of an eye opener because it's not even close to what we actually own.  Try it!

Am also considering doing another round of packing party starting in my kitchen...just need a big box to put everything in and the patience to then search around in it for what I am looking for. Hm.

However, the wardrobe packing party has started again.  I have no space to take it all out, so I am recording what I wear every day and doing the coat hanger reverse thing again.  Again.  This will hopefully also encourage me to be a bit more adventurous in what I wear if I want to keep all the pretty things I have, they need to be worn not just saved "for good." The time for "good" is over, friends.  Bust out all your pretties.  Not just your clothes but your china, your tablecloths, whatever it is that you are saving for a special day.  make every day special.

So - today; Black belt, black cardigan, skinny jeans, black bra and undies (socks not pictured - black with white spots), tape tshirt, black and white stretchy scarf, parka, skull studs and black perforated ankle boots.  (Oh perforated leather, I love you so much.)


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