Quick and easy detoxing

I have added a bit of body detox to the mix too  Just to get a basic kick start, why not try a couple of simple things such as;

1) Drinking a detox tea.  Nope.  Not sponsored.  Not paid.  Not given free stuff.  Just saw it on the supermarket shelf and thought that I needed more green tea in my life.

2) Doing skin brushes before you shower - always towards the heart, people. Get your circulation going and your skin singing.

3) Giving yourself a salt scrub in the shower.  I'm just using bog standard table salt from the supermarket.

4) Avoiding what I call "obvious" sugar - cakes, bickies, chocolate, ice cream.  You know the stuff.  Leave it alone. Mostly.

5) Moving your bod.  Last night, I began the old Jillian Michaels' shred again just to get the bod back into order.  It works - it really, really works.  Ouch!

And today, I wore;

White linen t, checked flannie, blue tasselled scarf, skinny jeans with fave belt, parka, necklace with assorted baubles, skull earrings, undies, bra and socks and blue Converse.


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